Fédération Suisse de Ski nautique et Wakeboard
    Federazione Svizzera di Sci nautico e Wakeboard
    Schweizerischer Wasserski und Wakeboard Verband
    Federaziun Svizra da Ski nautic e Wakeboard
SwissOlympic National Talent Cards 2020
1BITTAR Cécile (AGS)Waterski2006 res.FFR
2DUPANLOUP Salma (SNG)Waterski2007 res.FFR
3FäH Julie (CNV)Waterski2004 res.FFR
4FREI Vivien (WAL)Waterski2004 res.FDE
5LUTOLF Déborah (WOM)Wakeboard2003 res.FFR
6TRAEGER Nina (EST)CableWake2004 FFR
7WEBER Elisabeth (TWI)Wakeboard2004 res.FFR
8CLASSEN Benjamin (SNG)Waterski2005 res.MFR
9FäH Nicolas (CNV)Waterski2005 res.MFR
10FORE Jeromé (WFY)Wakeboard2003 res.MDE
11GENTILE Lucas Devin (DRE)CableWake2005 res.MFR
12HUSER Jamie (WBA)Wakeboard2004 res.MDE
13JAN Noé (SNG)Waterski2002 res.MFR
14NOHRA Nabil (SNG)Waterski2004 res.MFR
15OLDORFF Henri (CHA)Waterski2005 res.MDE
16THOMSEN Dima (CNV)Waterski2003 res.MFR
17TRAEGER Teva (EST)CableWake2001 MFR
18WEIDEMANN Diego (NEU)Wakeboard2003 res.MFR
19WOLFISBERG Alois (CNV)Waterski2006 res.MFR
20WOLFISBERG Janni (CNV)Waterski2004 res.MFR
SwissOlympic Elite Cards 2020
1BüRGE Mara (CHA)Waterski2002 res.FDE
2DUPANLOUP Anna (CNV)Waterski1975 res.FFR
3GROBET Pernelle (SNG)Waterski1996 res.FFR
4JAQUIER Valérie (JOU)Waterski1974 res.FFR
5JöRGER Medina (WAL)Waterski1999 res.FDE
6JöRGER Rea (WAL)Waterski1999 res.FDE
7LANZ Tanja (WBA)Wakeboard1994 FDE
8PATUREL Alizée (SNG)Waterski1997 res.FFR
9WOLFISBERG Emma (CNV)Waterski2000 res.FFR
10WOLFISBERG Kirsi (CNV)Waterski2001 res.FFR
11BARENGHI Jean (SNG)Waterski2000 res.MFR
12BERNINGHAUS Sky (WBA)Wakeboard2001 res.MDE
13COGNE Tancredi (SNG)Waterski2001 res.MFR
14FREI Mike (WAL)Waterski2002 res.MDE
15KAKORYCH Konstantin (CNV)Waterski1977 res.MFR
16ROCH Lionel (SNG)Wakeboard2001 res.MFR
17SCHäFLER Reto (MAL)Wakeboard1995 res.MDE
18STADLBAUR Benjamin (SNG)Waterski1992 res.MFR
19STADLBAUR Vincent (SNG)Waterski1996 res.MFR
SwissOlympic Technical Card 2020
1DUPANLOUP Frédéric (CNV)Tech. director1972 res.MFR

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